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Described as a system of natural healing, Reiki has been around since the early 20th Century. Our reiki practitioners aim to provide emotional or spiritual support, and the treatments are tailored to each client’s needs. At Angelic And Divine Holistic Therapies, treatment is non-invasive and there are no contraindications, so it can be applied to a number of situations – a Reiki session can be enjoyed for some simple relaxation, but also during pregnancy or for children. If you're in the Darlington area, drop us a line on 07434784011: your body and mind will thank you

Non-intrusive holistic therapy

If you’ve not had a Reiki treatment before, it can seem like a bit of a mystical process. The treatment is simple, though, and nothing to be worried about. Unlike some forms of holistic therapy, Reiki is non-intrusive and gentle, so is suitable even if you don’t like the idea of getting a massage. When you come for your Reiki session, you will keep remain clothed and sit comfortably, before your practitioner places their hands on or near your body.

The perfect treatment for pregnancies and general relief

It’s important to take time for yourself during pregnancy, and Reiki can be a great option if you’re expecting a child. Reiki is totally safe for use during pregnancy and is a non-intrusive therapy, so you can really relax and unwind during your treatment. Many women say that they feel more balanced and relaxed after a Reiki treatment – if that sounds like what you need, give us a call today to arrange your first session at Angelic And Divine Holistic Therapies.


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Susan Lucky-Strike Tobin Hughes reviewed Angelic and Divine Holistic Therapies
Susan Lucky-Strike Tobin Hughes
Received reading from tom. Was blown away such a lovely man with a heart of pure gold.if tom can help you he will .hes always got a open ear too really cant praise him enough his work is phenomenal. …
Claire Fleming
Raven Wagner reviewed Angelic and Divine Holistic Therapies
Raven Wagner

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